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Real Boxing Enters The PlayStation Vita Arena

Boxing machine Noah now eager to pull his weight

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Its always been authentic in boxing titles that had a career mode and I always wished that THQ and Akklaim wouldve used similar career progression with their WWE and Legends of Wrestling franchises. Sure, it was touched on very gently with the WWE Day of Reckoning series on the GameCube andWWF Attitude on Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and Dreamcast, but there was never a developmental to the big show or from the indies to the main promotions. Lets stay in the ring and get back to boxing though. While boxing simulators are a mere fiefdom of the vast smartphone game kingdom ruled by EAs Fight Night Champion, Real Boxing has carved out a nice slice of that with a one-two punch on both Android and iOS. Vivid are heading for other arenas now by bringing the title to the PlayStation Vita next month. Real Boxing will come out of the smartphone corner swinging with Unreal Engine 3 giving its punches that extra juice and brings a good deal of customization: with boots, trunks, tattoos, hairstyles, mouth guards, body type, skin type, fighting style are all customizable.

Knockout Angel! Sweaty and make-up free Adriana Lima shows hows she keeps her Victoria’s Secret shape with a blistering boxing workout

Real Boxing Enters The PlayStation Vita Arena article-2381678-1B12CCDE000005DC-528_634x863

On Tuesday, floyd mayweather jr vs saul canelo alvarez tickets he presented 18-inch replicas of the statue to the Marciano family and Charles Tartaglia, owner of Georges Cafe. While shaking Tartaglias hand, Sulaiman said, Were so proud and thankful for all the team and the family that made this happen. Without loosening his grip, Tartaglia replied, Were thankful to you and your family for bringing the statue to the City of Brockton. Sulaiman also embraced Rockys nephew Steve Marciano when gifting him with a statue replica. The whole thing has meant the world to my family, Marciano said. Sitting at a round table at Georges Cafe, Sulaiman ate lunch with members of the Rocky Marciano Statue Committee, which worked to help bring the towering statue to the city. They talked about boxing, food and Rocky.

Real Boxing spars with Vita in late August


The 31-year-old bombshell loves to bang some serious leather inside the ropes, keeping herself in tip-top condition in the process. One-two!: Model Adrianna Lima works-up a sweat while boxing in Miami, Florida on Saturday Concentrate: Adriana shows her focus inside the ring And there were no lashings of make-up, hair extensions or skimpy lingerie on display as Adriana practised with her no nonsense trainer, Wearing all black gear and sporting large leather boxing gloves, the pin-up beauty Adriana was photographed pounding away at her trainer’s target glove. The raven-haired beauty had a ball and was seen smiling through most of her workout. Determined: Adriana worked up a serious sweat Here we go! Adrianna makes her way to the gym Puncher: The model shows off her boxing skills alongside her no nonsense trainer With her hair pulled back in a pony-tail, the Victoria’s Secret stunner meant business. The blue-eyed beauty had certainly worked up a sweat by the end of her workout, but still looked picture perfect and glowing.

World Boxing Council visits Brockton


A new minigame lets players fight out of clinches using tilt controls. An improved combo system adds depth to the fighting mechanics. « We’re thrilled to be working with Vivid Games to bring an excellent boxing game to the PS Vita, » said Shahid Ahmad, Senior Business Development Manager, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE). « Real Boxing is a visceral delight that really shows off the power of the PS Vita. » During fights, real-time deformation technology shows the effect of brutal punches in gory detail with crunching bones and spraying blood.


They had aimed to recruit 10 teens to take part, but just three completed the sessions, which made it hard to make conclusions based on the results, sports and exercise researcher Sarah Shultz said. However, she did notice their confidence and their ability to do the exercise grew as the programme progressed. Though weight wasn’t a focus of the study, two had to buy smaller school trousers, sport and exercise researcher Lee Stoner said. « What we did find, and didn’t anticipate so much, was the strong psychological components of the study. » The boys’ confidence and self-esteem improved and they also said they felt less angry, Dr Stoner said. The parents noticed their boys were doing better at school, had more self-confidence, were helping around the house and were taking part in other sports.

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